Chance the Porphyria Horse 1

 Chance "the Porphyria Horse"

* The Star of the Shadow Ride. *

Casting his shadow from the East Coast to the West Coast along the American Discovery Trail to raise Awareness to Porphyria.

Chance will be Traveling along the American Discovery Trail from the East Coast to the West Coast on the Northern Route. *The Shadow Ride is in no way affiliated with the American Discovery Trail Organization at this time. Although, Chance will be enjoying the Amazing trail.

After you Meet the Shadow Ride TEAM below please visit the APF website and access all the information from the Experts on Porphyria.  Toll Free: 1.866.Apf.3635


"We may be rare, but we do matter."


The Shadow Ride TEAM

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 Scott MacMeeken
Proud Companion of "Chance the Porphyria Horse".

 Chance "the Porphyria Horse"
Casting a wide shadow for us all.

Michelle MacMeeken
Erythropoietic Protoporphyria (EPP) or Protoporphyria

Country 1

Anthony "Country" Spencer
Horse Trainer
All American Cowboy


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The Faces of Porphyria


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